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Photographer Mourns the Death of His Friend, Offers a Glimpse Into South Korean Gang Life 

For The Best Days, photographer Yang Seung Woo returns from Japan to his hometown in South Korea, documenting his boyhood friends as a means of reconnecting with both the wonder and the trauma that shaped his young adulthood. By photographing the camaraderie shared between his surviving friends, Mr. Yang traces the memory of a dear high school friend who tragically hung himself after being convicted of murder, sent to prison, and becoming a flunky for the organized crime group Yakuza.

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Artist: Alois Kolb

found a bunch of pictures from when i took all the pictures off my walls w demi 💧💧💧


paul le chien 


The Proceedings of the International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women, ed. Diana Russell. 1976. 


Adrien Sahores // Andrea L.

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